5 Best Gaming Monitors for Professional Gamers

In our society gaming has become one of the main pillars of existence for a large number of individuals. As games introduce environments for the individual to play in, and those environments differ a lot, as they bring different experiences to the player. Now one of the main aspects when it comes to playing games are the human senses, meaning people judge games depending on how satisfied they sensory wise and story wise, now that can be impacted by the game itself or the equipment the gamer uses.

Gaming Monitors for Professional

Gaming monitors enable people to indulge themselves much deeper into games by improving the overall display and refresh rate. Almost every gamer that exists relies on a monitor to play games, and so upgrading the monitor, enables a much higher satisfaction rate for the player and thus improves his ability to perform in the game.

Now the best premium monitors are generally used by professional gamers, or better said people who simply enjoy playing games on a high standard and would sacrifice a large portion of their time to play those games. Now the question lies, how can an individual choose the best monitor for their own desires?

Well, that generally depends on what games the user enjoys playing. Which means that the main factor is the game itself.

So let’s first start off with shooter games, shooter games are the pinnacle of player versus player games, as they introduce gore, guns and much more depending on they caliber of the game. Now a gamer which focuses on FPS games generally seeks a higher refresh rate and a larger aspect ratio in order to have a larger field of view. Enabling him to have an edge against his adversaries. So what are the best gaming monitors for FPS gamers?

The best gaming monitors which enable an edge in PvP FPS games are the Asus PG348Q and the ROG Swift PG27VQ and the Acer Predator XB241H. For what reason though? Well besides having 1 ms delay they are also the most reliable monitors out on the market at this given moment. Another great feature of these monitors is the fact that both of them are curved enabling a much smoother peripheral vision response. Generally, these monitors are aimed at FPS games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Battlefield and many more.

Now the remaining two monitors are made for professional gamers, but they rather focus on the size and resolution, meaning they are made to suit almost every possible game. These monitors offer the user an immersive screen which has a high refresh rate great overall size and an impressive resolution, enabling them to indulge their eyes, ears, and mind into the beautiful world of gaming.

Those two monitors are the Asus PG348Q, the Acer Predator X34A. Splendid monitors, which only have slight differences, the main difference between them is that fact that they have different producers.

Gaming monitors are a must for a professional gamer, as it has the ability to satisfy their needs on a higher level, those needs could be simple or complex depending on the game but the fact of the matter is, gaming monitors will never the less improve that experience.

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